Tips for Financing Your New Home

Houses By Ocean In Malibu CaliforniaThere are many options for financing your new home depending on your financial situation and your strategy for holding the property. Before searching for your new home, ask yourself these important questions to best assess what loan option is the most advantageous:

  • Is my financial house in order with a stable income that I can prove?
  • Are my credit reports to accurate and up-to-date?
  • What employment documentation must I provide to prove steady employment?
  • How much can I realistically pay for a down payment and mortgage?

Californian Estates has produced a free Buyer’s Guide to help you understand and navigate the loan buying process. Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of the different types of loans (such as conventional, FHA, VA, etc.) and the multitude of loan terms available. The Buyer’s Guide will introduce you to the important concepts and vocabulary of home loans so that you can find the best loan and put yourself in a position to receive the most favorable terms.

How to Buy a home, First time buyer, how to get financed for a home, Get a home mortgageDownload the Californian Estates BUYER’S GUIDE

The Californian Estates Buyer’s Guide will also help you strategize you home investment to make maximum money. They Buyer’s Guide will introduce you to overlooked items that are critical to consider when choosing your new home and neighborhood? Finally, closing and closing costs are explained so that you can successfully get the deal done with ease so you can get on to the important part of enjoying your home.

Connect with your Californian Estates agent who can answer your questions about how to approach the home buying process.