A unique, savvy agent who has a lot of experience is required for evaluating developer and investor opportunities. Big dollar investments and potential pitfalls mean it’s critical that a developer have an experience agent helping to vet each property investment opportunity with a sophisticated skill set.

Californian Estates has built its business and solid reputation by expertly identifying development opportunities, envisioning the project and producing The REulti® Report which takes a developer client all the way through the initial steps of market research, cash-on cash analysis, and to the anticipated sale of the finished property.

Californian Estates agents, who specialize in development properties, will first examine the client’s needs, capital availability, and projected ROI and IRR.  With a personalized strategy, Californian Estates agents find the best (often off-market) properties and assess the viability of properties in the most upwardly inclined neighborhoods through our REulti® System.

Each potential property will have REulti® Report which will include an executive summary, neighborhood comps, detailed comps for the current purchase and the exit property, a value-add analysis, a preliminary slope analysis, a projected build with prototype rendering, and a full slate of financials to determine the strength of the project. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request a report.