Lisa Blaszczak

Purchasing a home for a first time home owner can be a daunting task. However, with the help of my agent Maurice O’Sullivan with California Estates, the process of buying my first home came with great ease. Maurice took the time to get to know not just what my family and I were looking for in a house, but he took the time to get to know us as a family. He understood the importance of this house becoming a home to us. With such a great client-agent relationship, Maurice knew exactly what to look for, and began anticipating our needs even before we had the chance to tell him. He was always one step ahead, making the process less stressful and well organized. Our family got everything we wanted and more including, a beautiful pool, solar panels, a Mulholland Dr address and a half acre of flourishing land in Bel Air. Our offer was the lowest offer and was accepted as Maurice was trustworthy, reliable, and honest and did a great job closing the deal. Maurice continued to go above and beyond for our family by introducing me to a mortgage officer who was able to get me the best rate possible. As newlyweds, this has been the perfect start to our new journey in what truly feels like our own family home. This house has already been filled with beautiful wedding engagement receptions, holiday gatherings, and family functions. I am so grateful for Maurice who was able to make this happen for us. He truly helped us into what I dream will be our forever home.