Ginny and Bill Love | Bel Air

Dear Maurice,

It has been several months since we first met in connection with the sale of our house on Linda Flora. We had expectations of the approach and certainly hopes for a successful and cooperative sales program. From the start we were very impressed with the enthusiasm you brought to the formation of your approach. We had the problem of an undefined time we could vacate the premises due to confirmation of a place in the retirement community we had selected. Your approach working with that constraint was a key factor and after several tries found exactly the right buyer who would work with our conditions and yet see the potential for achieving their goals.

The result was a very successful transaction and we give you credit for guiding the selling efforts. Along with this was the development of our mutual friendship. We enjoyed the conversations, laughs, periods of negotiation and final settlement of the matter and consider you a new found friend as a result.

We thank you for these efforts in our best interest and wish you continued success in the your challenging profession. We look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future.


Ginny and Bill Love