David A.C | glendale, california

When reflecting on my very successful experience with CEI (Californian Estates, Inc.), several positive feelings and memories come to mind. Most importantly, CEI’s motto and the CEI staff activities are totally “client focused”. CEI assigns to each of their clients (buyers as well as sellers), a dedicated staff of licensed and experienced individuals, who are knowledgeable in the types and locations of real estate properties that their clients are primarily interested in. From the first meeting when I talked with CEI about selling my 4-unit apartment complex, I was impressed with the patience and attentiveness displayed by all of CEI’s professionals. CEI definitely listens to their clients and are focused and aggressively motivated to meet the needs, expectations and time schedules specified by their clients. CEI creates a unique and innovative sales/marketing plan for each of their seller clients. Similarly, CEI develops a structured property acquisition plan for their buyer clients. One of the key elements contributing to CEI’s achievement of “total client satisfaction” and “continued client loyalty” is CEI’s extensive network of “ready”, “willing,” “able” and “qualified” buyer clients. Additionally, CEI maintains and ever-growing inventory of private “pocket” listings of six-figure, seven-figure and eight-figure real estate properties, ready for purchase in different locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan and surrounding, exclusive residential neighborhoods. Progress in executing both types of client plans is accelerated and driven by high-energy CEI staff, who are continuously involved with their clients, frequently interacting between each buyer and seller through their respective agents, and providing imaginative and accommodating resolutions to seller and buyer issues and obstacles in order to achieve timely and satisfactory completion of transactions. It took CEI only 60 days, from our first meeting until the close of escrow for my apartments. During that time, CEI developed and implemented an aggressive marketing plan, scheduled and conducted continuous private showings of the apartments, with minimum interference of resident tenants. Several offers were received and countered, resulting in a sale well above market value and asking price. I was very satisfied with Californian Estates, Inc. and with the performance and professionalism of their operating staff. In the future, I plan to use them again.