Executive Vice President of International Acquisitions

Yan-Yan Zhang brings over ten years of experience in selling investment properties and services to real estate investors, financial services and sales personnel globally. Ms. Zhang works closely with property owners to achieve successful sales. Ms. Zhang has facilitated over 100 presentations both nationally and internationally covering topics ranging from how to find income properties under the market to the business of 1031 Tax Deferral Strategies. She has been a California real estate license holder for many years and also holds a Financial Services brokers license.

Californian Estates is proud to present Ms. Zhang to head up the International Sales and Acquisitions team and feels she is unique positioned to provide international sales expertise and conduct business across cultures. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English, Ms. Zhang’s education and work experience has lead her across the globe. Born and raised in China, Ms. Zhang has lived in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and now calls Los Angeles home. She has had a attended Beijing University and the Beijing National Sports academy where she received a degree in Sports Kinesiology with specialty in the High Jump and heptathlon Track and Field events. During this time, Ms. Zhang competed as a world class athlete in the heptathlon, participating in the prestigious Asian games. She also earned a degree in Philosophy at Beijing University and attended London Business School.