Sales/ Acquisitions

Lark Gwartney began his career in Real Estate in 2004, starting as a Director of Investor Relations for a real estate fund and has grown to become a multifaceted agent. His fortes include: finding and analyzing ‘flip’ opportunities, building business systems, using emerging technologies to simplify clients experience and wealth principals education.

Lark has a diverse background of jobs ranging from farming to exotic animal trade as a boy. He has found examples of success and failure in every industry, looked for the commonality in both to replicate success in any venture and learn form the failures. Along Mr. Gwartney’s professional path, he realized that climbing the corporate ladder was not for him. Real estate, on the other hand, encourages a team approach where everyone shares information and assistance freely to help elevate the entire team with high level professionals at the top of their game who share a common goal to add value to our clients, complete my team.  

Mr. Gwartney’s goal is to help clients achieve their goal by being a hub for real estate services: Sale or Purchase, Construction (New and renovations), Architecture, Legal, Property Management, Investment acquisition, Funding, and International.

His altruistic approach to real estate stems from his exuberant love of adventure and truly making a difference with each individual he works with. “I enjoy the adventure of every new day, waking up knowing that the very next call could take me to places I have never been with amazing people I would have never met. I love taking stress out of the complexity of a sale and making my clients into friends for life.  I love being a source of integrity my client’s trust.”