Staging Your Home For A Quicker and More Profitable Closings

Capitol Records EditIt’s often said that people buy out of emotion and use logic to justify their decision. When buying a home where a prospective buyer will live and perhaps raise their children, the old axiom usually rings true. Some sellers “stage” their home before they go to market to create an appealing mood or illusion that evokes a positive emotional response. Research shows that these sellers tend to get 7-10% more for their home and sell in a 1/3 of the time. Therefore staging makes a big difference and may be a crucial investment when selling your home..

What is Staging?
Staging is the temporary interior design and subtle modification process of the space in a house to create a favorable sensation. The goal is to provide the kind of space that the prospective buyer doesn’t want to leave. They should be able to imagine themselves living in that room.

The artistic approach of staging may differ from one home to the next. A cottage in the hills may be staged to make the buyer feel warm, cozy and even more loving. A modern architectural luxury home may be staged to make the buyer feel a sense of sophisticated luxury, even relating to their identity of success and achievement. The ambiance of a beach home may elicit a sensation of relaxation and calm. Whatever the style the home or desired effect on the buyers mood, certain principles are key points to remember when staging your property for a successful sale.

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If you are interested in putting your home on the market connect with a Californian Estates agent. We will talk with you about your unique opportunity for effective staging and efficient closings.