• Sell Your Home With International Marketing

    Real Estate is truly a global marketplace. Increasingly, foreign buyers are looking at the Californian market as a desirable place to live, have a second home or make an investment. According to the National Association of Real Estate, foreign buyers spent $121 billion from April 2017 to March 2018. The… Read More

  • Foreclosure vs. Short Sale For Sellers

    Lately, there has been a lot of news about foreclosures and short sales. Let’s first define the terms. A foreclosure occurs when a homeowner can no longer make the payments on his or her loan. The lender attempts to recover the balance of their loan by forcing the sale of… Read More

  • How Do I Price My Home?

    Pricing your home is something of an art and a science. The first inclination may be to price your home high (giving you more money to parlay into other investments). However, research consistently shows that overpricing is the number one reason that homes linger on the market unsold. The allure… Read More

  • Staging Your Home For A Quicker and More Profitable Closings

    It’s often said that people buy out of emotion and use logic to justify their decision. When buying a home where a prospective buyer will live and perhaps raise their children, the old axiom usually rings true. Some sellers “stage” their home before they go to market to create an… Read More



Californian Estates has a produced a free Seller’s Guide that outlines all the necessary steps for successfully selling your home. The Seller’s Guide will cover easy and cost-effective steps to make your home more attractive to potential buyers as well as larger-scale strategies to make a dramatic impact that positions your home for a quick and lucrative sale. The Californian Estates Seller’s Guide will also cover concepts such a competitive pricing and marketing strategies to get your home sold quickly and at the best market value.