Market Your Home with Drone Aerial Photography

In the real estate market, aerial photography and videography is the best method to get an attractive overview of a property by highlighting it in relation to its environment. It not only gives a breathtaking overview of the subject property, its also is a fantastic marketing tool in today’s digital age in which the vast majority of people begin their home search online. Leverage the online audience of eager buyers with beautiful aerial videography and photography that all but sells your home before the buyer ever actually sees it!

There is nothing better than a view from above to promote a property, placing it in its context and emphasizing its advantages within its surroundings, location, proportions, orientation and the elements that are close to it (buildings, houses, roads, woods, car parks, markets, etc).
These aerial photos are taken at low height and thanks to functionalities like altitude and position hold or waypoints navigation, their implementation is greatly simplified. The ability to automatically orient the camera lens towards the subject makes these images easy and rapid to achieve.

Please take a few moments to view one of our recent drone produced videos and see how these images, edited into a video with appropriate music, really create an experience for the viewer- inspiring their imagination so that they can see themselves living in the home.