Californian Estates has produced this free, informative Buyer’s Guide to outline tips and potential pitfalls to your first purchase.  Find out how to find a loan and how to put yourself in a position to receive the best possible terms.  Learn how to strategize your home investment to make maximum money.  The Buyer’s Guide will help you cover overlooked items that are critical to consider when choosing your new home and neighborhood. Finally, the closing process and closing costs are explained so that you can successfully get the deal done with ease so you can get on to the most important part of your purchase, which is to enjoy your home.


Californian Estates has a produced a free Seller’s Guide that outlines all the necessary steps for successfully selling your home.  The Seller’s Guide will cover easy and cost-effective steps to make your home more attractive to potential buyers as well as larger-scale strategies to make a dramatic impact that positions your home for a quick and lucrative sale.  The Californian Estates Seller’s Guide will also cover concepts such a competitive pricing and marketing strategies to get your home sold quickly and at the best market value.


Californian Estates has produced a free, informative International Buyer’s Guide to help prospective investors learn “the ropes.”  Learn about the real estate investment opportunities throughout California that have attracted worldwide attention.  Understand the basics of buying in California, including how to find an agent that is your best advocate and how to choose the best neighborhood for your needs. Real estate financing is available for foreign nationals and the International Buyer’s Guide explains the process so that you may be fully informed and understand all your options.  Before buying a property in California, any foreign national should consider relevant legal issues, fees and taxes and the immigration process. The International Buyer’s Guide is designed to be your resource.


A unique savvy agent who has a lot of experience is required for evaluating Developer and Investor opportunities. Big dollar investments and potential pitfalls means it’s critical that a developer have the right experience to determine if the property is the best investment for them. Having developed tens of millions of dollars of real estate throughout the lightening hot and competitive market of Los Angeles, Californian Estates is an expert at identifying development opportunities and envisioning the new projects.


The Reulti Mission is to identify and analyze under built market and sell off-market, value-add development sites throughout California in an integrated, yet compartmentalized and closed loop system, built on a model of workflow between teams of highly specialized professionals who experts in the area and who manage tasks fluidly with their teams.