A unique savvy and a lot of experience is required for evaluating developer opportunities. Big dollar investments and potential pitfalls means it’s critical that a developer have the right experience working for them. Having developed tens of millions of dollars of real estate throughout the lightening hot and competitive market of Los Angeles, Californian Estates is an expert at identifying development opportunities and has developed a mastery for envisioning the project.

Californian Estates is not just another agency selling property. The Inner Circle Developer’s Evaluation takes it’s client all the way through the initial steps of market research to the sale of the finished property.

Californian Estates agents specializing in development properties will first examine the client’s needs, capital availability and projected ROI and IRR and a strategy will be created. They will find the best (often off-market) properties and determine the viability of the most up-wardly inclined neighborhoods. Each potential property will have a Developer’s Evaluation completed which will include an executive summary, neighborhood comps and detailed comps for the current purchase and the exit property, a preliminary slope analysis, a projected build with prototype rendering and a full slate of financials to determine the strength of the project.

Californian Estates has a team of expediters, builders, interior designers and landscapers to develop the property and project managers to oversee the development, if needed. Seeing the project through to the finish, we will sell the property at its completion.

Swimming pool and illuminated modern house exterior against the sky
Luxury modern white house with angular walls and large windows overlooking a tropical landscaped garden with palm trees and curving blue swimming pool
A 3D rendering of white living room interior
Property Care_2_edit

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